"Learning a new language is always intimidating and even native speakers will tell you how hard Mandarin can be. Knowing even the basics as a foreigner in China has made all the difference for us expats in Anhui. Vision Mandarin is built on a passion for sharing knowledge and a true love of learning. Andy and Sarah make their unique and well researched methods fun and easily accessible to students at all levels. With their help we not only received a formal HSK qualification but they have literally changed our lives in China for the better."

"The new Chinese I have learned from Andy  has given me more confidence and freedom in my everyday life in China. By  myself, I hadn’t progressed as quickly as I wanted to in Chinese, but somehow  Andy managed to turn that around in a short time. I simply put this down to his  experience―seven years teaching Chinese to foreigners at East  China Normal University, Shanghai.  I  appreciate his preparedness, sense of humor, and broad understanding of language  learning. The Vision Mandarin classrooms are comfortable, and the hangout area  with Wi-Fi and city view is a great place to give your Chinese a real workout. It’s the first such private Chinese school in Hefei . For anyone thinking of  learning Chinese, I happily recommend Vision Mandarin to you!" 

"From beginning my study of the Chinese language 6 years ago, Sarah as my teacher and she has assisted me in every way possible. From helping me with conversation to reading newspapers and eventually classical Chinese, Sarah has kept me enthused and motivated to improve my Mandarin. Through her wonderful tuition I not only completed a degree in Chinese but also landed a Job working as a presenter on Chinese National TV! At Vision Mandarin it is not only their grasp of Chinese language and Culture which makes them so successful but also their understanding of western culture, enabling them to truly allow westerners understand  the meaning behind the language!"


Address: Suite 2105, Bldg A, 

Jinjiang Building,

7 West Changjiang Rd

Hefei, Anhui, 

China 230001

We are  next to Exit B of 

Subway Staion Annongda 

in line 2.

:+86  15055124316 


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Vision Mandarin

Welcome to Vision Mandarin!

Vision Mandarin is the first professional Chinese language school in city of Hefei.

We also started the first mini-bookshop for recommended books relevant to Chinese learning in Hefei.

Our experienced, degree-qualified, and well-trained teachers specialize in providing professional language training to foreigners and corporations in Hefei. 

We speak  fluent English and have extensive intercultural working experience.

We are trying our best to ensure the most efficient learning experience and make your stay in Hefei as pleasant as possible.

We offer FREE trial lesson, FREE consultation and FREE WIFI !


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Suite 2105, Bldg A, Jinjiang Building,7 West Changjiang Rd, Hefei, Anhui, China 230001

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