What makes Vision Mandarin different?

1) Vision Mandarin is the first professional Mandarin school in Hefei. The founders have been working in Teaching Chinese as a second language for more than 7 years in Shanghai.

2) We offer a variety of Chinese courses and focus on making every lesson effective, fun and inspiring.

3) We provide additional customer services to our students.

What are Vision Mandarin teachers’ qualifications?

Vision Mandarin teachers are all university graduates and degree holders in Chinese and teaching Chinese as a second language. Some teachers hold master degree in TCSL. Every teacher is properly trained with Vision Mandarin methodology of teaching Chinese as a second language.

What is Vision Mandarin teaching methodology?

Vision Mandarin teach Chinese from a unique perspective- contrastive analysis between English  and Chinese in phonetics, grammar & vocabulary which enable students to learn Chinese faster and systematically. 

Plenty of pictures, games and role plays are used in the classroom to make the learning experience interactive and fun. 

If I miss some lessons, may I have make-up class?

Yes, you may note the course consultant in advance to get private make-up lessons for the content you missed to catch up the class, with some extra fees for the private class.

What are the enrollment procedures?

• Step 1: Contact us via email and let us know about your planned learning goals , schedule and Chinese learning background.
• Step 2: Get confirmation about the class availability, course info & payment detail;
• Step 3: Submit the Application Form and a copy of a valid passport of the applicant; come to school to register and take a free placement test. 
• Step 4: Pay the tuition for the course you enroll for and other fees (like textbook fee and accommodation fee)
• Step 5: Get your textbooks and a schedule of the courses and then start your learning experience.

How to pay?

Full payment must be made before the first lesson. Students pay by the following 3 ways:

1) Payment by cash (RMB only)
2) Payment by bank transfer
3) Payment by credit card (3% extra will be charged for foreign credit card and 1% extra for Chinese credit card).  


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