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Marketing Manager 

Robert Katzschmann, 
Ph.D. Graduate Student 


"It has always been a pleasure to learn  Chinese with Andy! He is a talented and highly motivated teacher with lots of  experience and empathy. His good mood was always a kickstarter to start the  learning engine after a long day of work. His knowledge of the specific  problems foreigners have with the language and with life in China in general, his patience and his great teaching methods combined with the excellent  material he gave us, enabled me to make a huge leap forward with my Chinese  skills. Highly recommended!"

" It has been a great joy to work with Sarah, she is so much better than any Mandarin teacher I had before. She is a very smart person with a very accommodative and especially happy personality. Within a few minutes she can tell at which level you are at and picks it up right from there. Sarah knows how to motivate you and to keep you always interested in the language, even if your work and private life seem to get in your way. Throughout her lessons she is very patient and possess a high level of endurance, ensuring you will have had a win and made progress at the end of the lesson.I found in Sarah not only a  very talented teacher but also very good friend for life." 


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