About Us

Vision Mandarin is the first professional Chinese language school in city of Hefei. Our experienced, degree-qualified, and well-trained teachers specialize in providing professional language training to foreigners and corporations in Hefei. We speak fluent English and have extensive intercultural working experience. 

Our Teaching Methodology

Our Chinese courses are  always inspiring, practical and tailor-made to the needs of every client. We  teach Chinese from a unique perspective-contrastive analysis between English  and Chinese in phonetics, grammar & vocabulary. The most important thing is  that we can let you know the logic deep in Chinese language. Learning Chinese  is like building a house. Once you have known the logic of Chinese language, you have built the frame of the house and then you just need to expand your  vocabulary as the bricks of the house. And you will find it one of the most  effective and efficient way to learn Chinese.

Plenty of pictures, games and role plays are used in the classroom to make the learning experience interactive and fun. 


Language is not simply a means of communication. It is a conduit for different ideas, viewpoints, and experiences. To truly understand a country or people, it is necessary to learn their language. Only after learning the language, can one truly understand the  cultural nuances and unique character of a people.

In an increasingly global world, it is no longer adequate to know only one’s own culture and language. To be successful, it is necessary to understand other cultures through both study and immersion. This is necessary for an individual to expand their own horizons in an increasingly interconnected world.

Vision and Mission

Vision Mandarin aspires to  help foreigners learn Chinese language and understand Chinese culture to enjoy better lives in China and establish a foreign community in Hefei.


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